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October Month in Review - Hiatus

On the future of Koipun and why I will shift my focus to other projects.

2017年11月11日 - 1 minutes read

By Gabriel J. Pérez Irizarry
Posted in Follow The Koipun Story

Update: I'm already back from hiatus. It didn't last very long. Couldn't resist myself from continuing this project I love.

This month instead of my usual monthly review, I have some important news to share.

I have been working for a long time on Koipun. The first version of Koipun, the online Japanese classroom, was released almost three years ago. The last year I have been focusing on my latest Koipun effort, Koipun Reader.

Unfortunately, I have decided to stop working on Koipun as my main area of focus for the foreseeable future. I will keep all the infrastructure, including the blog and Koipun Reader, running since it mostly pays for itself with a couple of sales every month of my Anki decks. Also, this does not mean any of the Koipun projects are dead. I simply will turn my focus on other endeavors, but I will still maintain the project and make occasional updates. 

My passion for Japanese language learning has not faded at all, but Koipun Reader has not garnered the kind of attention and interest I was hoping for. My hope for Koipun Reader was that it would make enough income for it to become self-sustainable, but I think that achieving that would take a couple of years more worth of work. This is time that I unfortunately do not have, so I have to search for another project that is able to produce enough income to sustain myself.

Thanks to everybody who has supported me and Koipun over the years. Please stay tuned, as it is quite likely that Koipun will make another comeback in the future!